Friday, July 28, 2017

Fun with patina

This week I got my Vintaj patinas out and this is what I made.  I've antiqued and patinated/patinaed everything except the dragonflies. 

I also patinated these but didn't get a chance to turn them in to earrings yet.

The earrings will be available in my FB trunk show shared with my friend Cheryl Zink in The Jewellery Show group from 9pm BST/4pmEST on Saturday the 29th.  Hope to see you there. 

If you comment on this post, feel free to give me suggestions as to what you'd like to see in the future :)

See you soon.

Suhana <3<3<3

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Colored Feathers, Colored Stones

It's so great to finally be over the flu--and it felt so good to finally be able to sit down and make some new earrings (five pairs in all--I did say it felt good to get back to making things, right?).  ;)  It's also wonderful to be back here at EE with all my beady friends.
You can find these earrings here.

These earrings are a variation on one of my favorite styles.  I made them with these pretty little bumpy purple-and-fuchsia lampwork rondelles by Deborah Crow Roesly, paired with vibrantly colorful polymer clay tribal feathers by Helena Benkoczka.

Complete "recipe" for the earrings:  Deborah's rondelles, Helena's feathers, 3-mm fuchsia Swarovski crystals, scalloped copper bead caps, 3x5-mm tanzanite Czech glass rondelles, small copper jump rings, 15/0 dark fuchsia seed beads, dark fuchsia anodized aluminum jump rings, fuchsia waxed linen cording, and dark pink anodized niobium ear wires.  

The earrings are extremely lightweight and easy to wear.  The backs of the feathers are covered with glazed paper to keep the cord ends tidy and out of sight.

Thanks so much for reading!  I'll be back again in a couple of weeks with some new earrings.  :)


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Aegean Sands

This time next week I'll be on my hols in Greece. It's one of our favourite destinations; the Greek people are lovely, it's laid back and relaxed, very family friendly, there's great food for non meat eaters and, of course, it's beautiful and packed with history. What's not to like?

Thinking about at least some time relaxing on the beach with the Aegean lapping on the sand, or walking for miles collecting shells and stones, is my cue for this week's earrings. Brought up at the seaside, I'm a sucker for shells of any kind and have been admiring the work of Greetje Boor of Gloa Glass for some time. In her last show I couldn't resist a couple of pairs - just look at the intricate detail on them - and on both sides too.

The first pair are soft translucent sea green - I paired them simply with creamy rustic pearls and tiny Picasso beads that echo the striped detail in the lampwork.

The second pair I glammed up a little with gold ceramic shells from Petra Carpreau, glossy garnet and gold swarowskis. I like the symmetry of these.
Perfect holiday wear, for day or night. And if its summer where you are, I hope you all have super holidays coming up too - tell us where you are off to?
See you in a couple of weeks
Lindsay xx

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I was in the mood for making earrings this weekend, but was frustrated that there was no clear space on my table to actually be able to create anything.  Sigh.  I know many of you fight this battle too.

So I shoved some of the ruble off to the side and put some of it on the floor. I decided that I would begin excavating my work surface by just using the beads that were already on the table.  And I vowed to then put away any leftover beads from those that I used.  I ended up with three pairs of earrings and the start of a cleaner work space.

Orange Butterfly Earrings
These earrings use a pair of my ceramic butterfly charms, paired with lampwork glass spacers, Czech glass flowers and Swarovski crystals.  Although the design isn't technically difficult, I had the darnedest time finding beads that had a pleasing balance of shapes, sizes and colors.  I like these earrings now because they have "happy colors"!

Fan Earrings
I have found that many of my customers are wanting shorter, less showy earrings, but designs that are still unique and colorful.  This pair of earrings fits the bill.  The brick red beads are vintage Lucite and therefore very lightweight.  The rounded triangle shapes are higher on the sides, with a "valley" down the center.  I love these unique shapes.  I topped them with verdigris bell shaped bead caps.  They remind me of opened paper fans.

Lantern Earrings
The brick red and black glass beads I used here are vintage glass.  They are sort of cone shaped, but with flat faces all around, rather than being smoothly rounded.  I topped them with the same bead caps as in the previous earrings (successfully using up the last of those bead caps, thus adding, maybe 2 square inches of cleared space to my table!).  These earrings remind me of little lanterns that you might hang in the garden on a lovely summer evening.
 If I keep excavating I should have a lot more earrings to share with you in my next post.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the summer, even as the "Back To School" displays are filling the aisles in all the stores.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Time to say goodbye - for now

Hi lovelies.
Yes, it is time for me to say goodbye. At least, as a regular blogger here on Earrings Everyday.
After two years I feel it is time for me to step aside and make room for other talented jewelry artists. There are so many very talented jewelry artists around, who have beautiful earrings to share with you.

In this last regular post I like to share with you a design I have been making over the years. It is a perfect way to use up left-over beads or just showcase a combo of beads you love. You can just about use any beads you like, in any color combo.

My first pair, made in 2010. Using Aventurine briolettes, Swarovski crystal and Swarovski pearls.

A pair I made a couple of years back. I still wear these in summer. 

Normally I use ready made rings, but this time I made them myself with sterling silver wire. That's why they look a bit, well, what shall I say, not perfectly round. But that is what I like about handmade items. They are not perfect. Just as we all are. We are perfectly imperfect and that makes us all unique and beautiful.

I had some left over briolettes (Labradorite, no idea what the other one's are), sterling silver beads and rice pearls. voila, my beloved charm earrings.

Thank you all for looking. Thank you for the love I received from you readers and my friends here on earrings everyday. It was heart-warming. It kept me from slipping into a deep depression after my parents passed away. Thank you all, you are a wonderful bunch!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

We're All Ears :: July Reveal :: Visual Music

Hello everyone!

Please accept my apologies for missing my post on Friday, July 21st. I just returned home from the first ever Adornments Mixed Media Jewelry Retreat held at the gorgeous Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena, IL. I was fortunate to be one of a team of four teachers. It was beyond fabulous. There were a series of torrential downpours the past few days and as such, we had the spottiest wi-fi around. So I was unable to post and could barely even get my texts to work. Despite that, it was the most inspiring space to create in, with a wall of floor to ceiling windows and a birds' eye view of the Mississippi River and Iowa beyond. This is just one of the spectacular sunset shots from our first night there after a rainstorm moved through. Breathtaking.

It will definitely be an annual event, so keep an eye out for information on next year's retreat!

Since I was carting about 1/3 of my studio the three and a half hour trek to Galena for the week, I brought along a few things that I thought would work for the earrings inspired by the visual music.

The video that I was struck by was the very first one, Debussy's Clair de Lune, with the ring, the colored dots indicating the notes as they played, and the strings denoting the length of each note. I used these internal snap rings from the hardware store to be my bead frame like the circle in the video.

I was hoping to find some red and blue beads that would fit, but I couldn't find two the same in what I brought. So I focused on just the blue ones, wrapping them haphazardly around the ring. At the end I wrapped some of the excess wire through the arc imitating the movement of the lines.

Now it is your turn.... show us what you made inspired by Visual Musical scores. (I hope you added in the link to watch it as I find them fascinating and mesmerizing and compelling to watch over and over again!)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Can't decide? I've got you covered!

Do you sometimes feel like you have multiple personalities when it comes to accessorizing?

I do..... some days I feel bohemian and I'd love to wear long colorful dangly funky earrings and colorful flowy clothes, and other days I'm more 'subtle' minded and want something that can showcase my love of happy colors in a much more compact design.

If you feel this way too, then I've got you covered with this 'dual' offering today!

Still different, but with similar elements that can give you this particular vibe, no matter if you go long or go short :) Have you tried making a matching long and short pair of earrings too?

I've made these 3" long earrings starting with a pair of my handmade polymer clay headpins, and some fun sparkling Czech glass beads in various fresh summery colors:

And I loved the drop section on these long earrings so much, I decided to make an almost matching mini pair for those days where we want to carry that same boho feel, but in a much more subtle way:

Sparkling colorful Czech Glass beads, Copper and Gold-tone accents and findings, finished with Niobium Ear wires.

So, are you in the mood for "long" boho, or "mini" boho today? What's your general preference when it comes to earrings?

You can find my handmade jewelry making components and some of my finished jewelry listed in my Etsy shop HERE.

Enjoy the weekend!
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